• Beijing iCarbon Energy Certification & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Carbon Verification on Sinopec Corp. Cangzhou Branch

Sinopec Corp. Cangzhou Branch (the Company) is one of medium-sized refinery and chemical affiliates of Sinopec, located in the northern suburbs of Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, founded in April 1971, completed and put into operation since October 1975. The Company’s crude oil processing capacity is 3.5 million tons per year. iCarbon, as the third party entity entrusted by local authority, conducted carbon verification work on the Company in accordance with the requirements of the “Guidelines for Accounting Methods and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Chinese Petrochemical Enterprises” and the “Supplementary Data Sheet for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting of Petrochemical Enterprises (Crude Oil Production)” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission. The verification work including cross checking energy consumption and verifying GHG emission during 2013-2017, from the stationary facilities such as 3.5 million t/y pressure reducing unit, 1.6 million t/y gasoline and diesel hydrofining unit, 1.2 million t/y heavy oil catalytic cracking unit, 1.2 million t/y delayed coking unit, 900,000 t/y catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization (S-Zorber) unit. The verified GHG emission data will support in the future participate of China ETS.