• Beijing iCarbon Energy Certification & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Emission Verification

iCarbon compiles greenhouse gas emission reports for every unit and production link of organizations basing on the organizational level or operating boundary to provide client with measurable, reportable, and verifiable greenhouse gas inventory and assessment services. iCarbon has carried out third-party carbon emission verification for key emission enterprises from 16 provinces including Beijing, Hebei Province, Henan Province, Fujian Province, Shaanxi Province, Liaoning Province, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Guizhou Province, Sichuan Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, Heilongjiang Province, etc. The verified industries involve all eight industries of electric power, iron & steel, chemical, petrochemical, cement, paper, non-ferrous metals and aviation, and the number of companies have been verified exceeds 500.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification

iCarbon provides key emission enterprises with services of carbon emission data verification and monitoring plan review according to relevant requirements of the competent authority. Specifically, the services include 8 steps of agreement signing, verification preparation, documents review, on-site verification, verification report compilation, internal technical review, verification report delivery and record archive.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Accounting

iCarbon provides clients with greenhouse gas emission accounting services. Through compiling accounting reports in accordance with “the guidelines for accounting and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions in corresponding industries” and the ISO 14064-1 standard "Regulations and Guidelines for the Quantification and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removal at Organizational Level" issued by the International Organization for Standardization, iCarbon helps clients find out the sources of emissions, clarify the emission boundary and measure the carbon assets.