• Beijing iCarbon Energy Certification & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Green Assessment

iCarbon provides compilation services of green related standards and various assessment consulting services including green factory assessment, green park assessment, green supply chain assessment and green shopping mall assessment, etc. iCarbon cooperates with Commercial Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to establish the ASSESSMENT INDEX SYSTEM and ASSESSMENT GUIDELINE of green and low-carbon export-oriented enterprises, targeting engineering service enterprises and goods trading enterprises respectively. As American ASTM has put forward a series of standards on the green and sustainable development norm for conferences, exhibitions, and large-scale events, iCarbon carries out the domestic transformation work of the aforementioned standards and launches the green exhibition group standards suitable for China's national conditions.

Green Factory Assessment

iCarbon assists enterprises in submitting applications for green manufacturing systems to competent authority and passing the competent authority’s review on the compliance of the application and the feasibility of activities. iCarbon checks the completeness of the application documents, establishes a technical review system to conduct assessment activities of internal quality control, and issues third-party assessment reports.

Green Shopping Mall Assessment

iCarbon provides assessment services on whether the enterprise being assessed complies with the "Implementation Rules for the Establishment of Green Shopping Malls (Shopping Centers)" and issues an assessment report. Specifically, the services include basic management assessment, equipment & facility assessment, green supply chain establishment assessment, green service implementation assessment, green consumption guide implementation, resource renewable and environmental protection assessment.