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Langfang City's 13th Five-Year Plan for Climate Change

Located in Hebei Province, Langfang City is faced with problems such as imbalance, incongruity and unsustainability in the development process, tightening of resource constraints, and arduous emission reduction tasks. Under the background of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Langfang is close to the "one core", located between the "two cities" and above the "main axis", and the whole city lies in the central core functional area. In order to accelerate the formation of a close community of Beijing and Tianjin, entrusted by the Development and Reform Commission of Langfang City, iCarbon compiled Langfang City’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Climate Change. The plan successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of the local competent authority, becoming a basic, guiding and programmatic document for the construction of the local competent authority.