• Beijing iCarbon Energy Certification & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Harbin Qiulin Beverage Technology Co., Ltd.

Harbin Qiulin Beverage Technology Co., Ltd. (the Company) is an incorporated company specializing in the production and sales of bread-fermented kvass beverages. It is a value digger and brand operator of China’s cutting-edge health beverage products. In 2018, through visiting of production plants on-site, and reviewing the Company’s low-carbon related system planning texts and production data, iCarbon explored the Company’s outstanding prominence, highlighted its zero solid waste emission and its leading position in beverage industry's water consumption. Basing on the aforesaid effort, iCarbon offered application solutions, completed the third-party assessment report and arranging & supplementary work of supporting materials, and finally successfully applied the Company as Green Factory at the level of Heilongjiang Province and the National.