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Qinghai Kekexili Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Qinghai Kekexili Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. (the Company) is a large-scale private enterprise integrating the development of ethnic cultural resources, the research and development of biotechnology, and the production and sales of wolfberry, seabuckthorn, raspberry, fruit wine, highland barley wine, and highland barley products in Xining City, Qinghai Province. The company processes agricultural and livestock products taking advantage of technologies such as ultra-fine pulverization technology and freezing stability processing technology, and all products are green and ecological. iCarbon conducted a third-party assessment of the Company in 2018. By inspecting the Company’s environmental protection equipment and facilities, and reviewing the company’s relevant management system certificates, iCarbon raised questions basing on the characteristics of the Company, offered rectification opinions, completed the third-party assessment report and arranging & supplementary work of supporting materials, and finally successfully applied the Company as Green Factory at the level of Qinghai Province and the National.